Author : Pune Expat Club

Five Unique Ways Navratri is Celebrated in India

Sharad (Autumn) Navratri in India holds important significance for every Indian all over the world. Navratri “which means nine auspicious nights” during these nine nights Goddess Parvati in form of nine incarnations is worshipped. Symbolically Navratri is celebrating Feminity, Mother Nature, and her infinite power. At the end of the nine marked days, Dussehra and […]

The 5 Sectors in India With the Greatest Opportunities for Expats

The booming Indian economy has paved the way for expat hiring across many sectors in the country. It used to be that the maximum expat hiring was in the multinational manufacturing companies -the auto, ancillary, and white goods manufacturing sector. That does persist, but with the economy opening up, several other sectors are lining up […]