India Festivals

A cultural and Spritual Journey: Exploring the famous Ganesh festival in old Pune city with Lexagent and Pune Expat Club

On 24th September, Lexagent and Pune Expat Club were delighted to have their annual “Ganesh Walk,” exclusively tailored for their expat members. This guided tour was an immersive experience into the heart of Pune’s Ganesh Festival traditions and rich cultural history. We gathered at the iconic main gate of Shaniwar Wada, where approximately 30 international community members […]

Five Unique Ways Navratri is Celebrated in India

Sharad (Autumn) Navratri in India holds important significance for every Indian all over the world. Navratri “which means nine auspicious nights” during these nine nights Goddess Parvati in form of nine incarnations is worshipped. Symbolically Navratri is celebrating Feminity, Mother Nature, and her infinite power. At the end of the nine marked days, Dussehra and […]