A cultural and Spritual Journey: Exploring the famous Ganesh festival in old Pune city with Lexagent and Pune Expat Club

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On 24th September, Lexagent and Pune Expat Club were delighted to have their annual “Ganesh Walk,” exclusively tailored for their expat members. This guided tour was an immersive experience into the heart of Pune’s Ganesh Festival traditions and rich cultural history.

We gathered at the iconic main gate of Shaniwar Wada, where approximately 30 international community members embarked on this cultural journey. The route took us from Shaniwar Wada to various prominent locations, including Kasba Ganpati, Bhau Rangari, Tambdi Jogeshwari, Guruji Talim, Tulshibaug, Dagdusheth, culminating at the Mandai Ganpati Pandal.

The Ganesh Festival holds immense significance in Maharashtra, and it has had its roots right here in Pune during the British Raj. Through our annual Ganesh Walk, our aim is to introduce Indian culture and the vibrancy of its festivals to Lexagent clients and PEC members, to demystify our traditions, allowing expats and their families to appreciate the intricate nuances of this country.

Along with enjoying the songs, sights and colours that are a monumental part of our celebrations.

Some of the Ganesh Mandals and their significance that was shared-

Shrimanth Bhausaheb Rangari – This Ganesha idol represents Bhausahebs dream of freedom as it shows the victory of good over evil. Bhausaheb was actively involved in our revolutionary movement before independence.

Kasba Ganpati – In the year 1630, the Maratha Aristocrat and wife of Sardar Shahaji Bhosale, Jijaubaisaheb Bhosale arrived in Pune with her then infant son, Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaj, the founder of Maratha Empire. 

Around this time, along with other seven families. All these families settled near River bank around the current place of Kasba Ganapati Temple which was close to the residence of Jijabai. Jijabai perceived this as an auspicious moment and promptly decided to build a temple, which is popularly known as the Kasba Ganpati Mandir.

Sharda Ganpati – This is one of the oldest ganesh mandal in Pune. It has the idol of lord Ganesh sitting on a swing with goddess Sharda.

Here are some more highlights of the Ganesh Walk organized by Lexagent and Pune Expat Club:

Guided Tour: Expats benefited from a knowledgeable guide Mr. Jayesh who provided deep insights into the history and significance of the festival, making it a truly educational experience.


Photographic Opportunities: The vibrant decorations and festivities provided excellent opportunities for expats to capture the beauty of the Ganesh Festival through photography. This allowed them to preserve memories and share their experiences with others.

Cultural Exchange: The event promoted cultural exchange by bringing together expats and locals.

This exchange of ideas, stories, and traditions fostered a sense of community and understanding.

Personal Growth: Participating in such cultural events in our experience always leads to personal growth by broadening ones worldview. Expat participants often return from such experiences with a greater appreciation for cultural diversity and a stronger connection to their host country.

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