Finding Your Motivation During Relocation

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Rumour has it that in 1961 / 1962 the late president of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, when visiting Nasa ran into a janitor. JFK asked the NASA employee what he did at the space station and the answer was simple.

“Well, Mr. President. I’m helping to put a man on the Moon.”

What makes Motivation so hard to attain?

Whether this rumor is true or not, the story shows that purpose and intrinsic motivation are inspiring.
We are driven by internal rewards and the motivation from within each of us to engage in what is naturally satisfying creates this progressive cycle of internal motivation.
Life is full of moment that will test us and knock our motivation out of whack, and the top three most stressful things we do during our lives according to studies are:
1. Deal with the death of a loved one
2. Divorce
3. Moving

Advice from the CDC regarding dealing with stress ranges from talking to others to recognizing you need more help.


The Problem Expats face with Language and Motivation Barriers

Expatriates who are sent on relocation assignments, or people who are moving countries face huge amounts of stress even before they set foot in their new home or in a foreign country. The moving process is hard, so extra help moving makes all the difference, or even storing your belongings safely while you take care of the red tape can lift a load of your mind.

Relocating to another country where the language is foreign brings additional changes and brushing up on high school French, German or Spanish might not be enough. Also, missing your friends and family, the food, all the paperwork that goes into relocation, can leave an expatriate feeling frustrated and demotivated.

Combat this frustration (lack of motivation) and revendicate your purpose by mastering a skill with real-world applications like learning a language.

Language learning and its benefits are no secret to some of the top figures in business. Nestle’s Chairman of the board of directors Paul Bulcke is fluent in Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. CEO of Bloomberg L.P and 2020 democratic nomination for president of the USA Michael Bloomberg dominates both English and Spanish and of course, the social media giant Mark Zukerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook has a renowned command over Chinese.



Language learning is good for business as shared languages increased employee retention and lead to companies truly understanding their customers. And workers who receive language training tend to perform better and become more confident.

Be that as it may we, cannot forget about culture shock. Madrid is known for its number of bars but if you are used to a relaxing drink after work you might be in for a surprise when you arrive in a dry country.

Spanish is one of the Romance languages, like Portuguese, French and Italian, but none of your lessons at school will prepare you for the scandalous covers of newspapers and magazines in Latin America which at times are no holds barred, showing crime scenes and dead bodies.

The bathroom experience also varies greatly around the world and expatriates from the west can find themselves in deep water with the squatting toilets in China, and vice versa.
Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus is often attributed to the phrase:


“Prevention is better than cure”

Prevent Culture Shock de-motivation with Language Training

Preventing culture shock can go a great way to building bridge in personal and professional lives but also between corporations and help businesses grow.

Thousands of expatriates have looked to BiCortex Languages to teach them the language skills necessary to relocate and move with confidence in this important next stage of life. Additionally, our translation services are used mainly in immigration services in Global Mobility.




“Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity”
Robert Alan

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